The Karaoke Success


One writer once said, “Let me write the songs of a nation and I can care less who writes his laws”. This statement is a remarkable statement on the power of music to change and influence lives. It is a testimony to the impact that music has on the development of a culture and civilization. Civilization has risen and fallen throughout history on the power of music and its remarkable content.

As great as this is, most of the times we have focused on the power and benefits of music in terms of its content and words and have forgotten the remarkable benefits of the act of singing itself. These benefits range from physical to emotional, psychological amongst others. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the remarkable benefits of the very act of singing itself, especially in the context of Karaoke. Stick to your chairs as we go through this journey together.

Singing is as old as the existence of man itself. We have always sought to express our feelings, emotions and views through words expressed in music.
Karaoke is a technique that is meant to take music off the radar of just professional musicians and make it a reality and constant practice even for amateurs. Not only that, it is a powerful technique that is also helpful to the professional singers to sing better and improve their prowess at this task
What then is Karaoke?

Basically, Karaoke is a music technique where a singer sings with a microphone along with a prerecorded musical track. The musical track contains only the tune and the singer sings the lyrics and content of the music along with the tune that is playing from the gadget. In this instance, it is the instrumental version of the song that is recorded and played as the singer flows along to produce a great music. With Crowd Karaoke, the original song with vocals suppressed is used, so that is so beneficial to the singer and to the audience, whoever it is.
Karaoke originated from Japan, and it’s a Japanese term which means ‘Empty Orchestra’. This process of Karaoke singing is made possible and effective by the Karaoke machine. This machine has evolved a lot over a long period of time. The Karaoke player or machine plays the track of a song, projecting the lyrics of the song on a screen as the singer flows in sync with the tune. Today, some of these machines come with screens that display the music lyrics while others can be easily connected to computers to display the lyrics. With Crowd Karaoke, large monitors or video projections screens allow everyone to clearly see the lyrics for the songs.

There have been so many advances in karaoke, especially today in the 21st Century. It seems that there are multitudes of apps for smartphones, and even YouTube offers many songs of karaoke. A high importance to Crowd Karaoke is the protection of music rights, so you will never see any songs of Crowd Karaoke for sale to the public, or online
Karaoke is already becoming a standard go to and must have equipment in many bars and clubs and the practice is already gaining widespread adherence as many more people are seeing the huge benefits.
Before we look at the specific benefits of Karaoke, we look at the benefits of singing. And remember, these are not just the benefits of loving music but the benefit of being the singer yourself.

So, what are the health benefits of Singing?
Emotional benefits of singing: Singing has been recognized by researchers as a great source of pleasure and a great relief for anxiety. Singing releases hormones like the endorphins which produce a feeling of pleasure and ease; and the oxytocin which helps in the relief of anxiety and stress. Singing also activates the saccules, an organ in the ear which is anti-depressant. As a result, singing is very key to lowering the rates of depression which is already becoming a matter of worldwide concern even more than climate change. Singing will be a great antidote to this disaster.

Health benefits of Singing: Singing is not just an emotional aid, it also serves a great deal of physical benefits in the same line as exercises and workouts. Singing increases the number of antibodies in the body and as a result, it strengthens the immune system. Singing gives more strength to the lungs, the diaphragm and by doing so, aid the circulatory and respiratory system. As singing involves a lot of standing, it aids the back and improves posture. And overall, it is a great aid to having that great and restful night sleep that you have always dreamed of
Mental and Psychological benefits of singing: Singing helps to improve memory and mental alertness. Improved circulation of blood helps the brain to function more properly

Social benefits: We are all social creatures and we make daily efforts to improve our social relationships. Singing helps to widen your circle of friends and net of influence. It brings you together with lots of people. Because of this, it increases your social confidence and improves your social attractiveness. Singing can also be good for improving your communication skills especially as you seek to write your own lyrics or master already written lyrics by others.

You might look at all these benefits and desire them. But you are probably thinking, ‘but I cannot sing’. And you wonder if these benefits will ever be yours. Well, there is no reason to fret and be discouraged. Our system was designed with people like you in view. It was designed to help amateurs like you to sing and enjoy its benefits. You don’t need to master all the specificity and complexities of the musical composition. The tune is pre-recorded, the lyrics are displayed, and all you should do is just sing along. Sounds good! (Good is quite an understatement).

What are some specific benefits of Crowd Karaoke™?
Singing along even by amateur singers with not so good voices, on cruise ships, in arenas, in homes or anywhere offer these amazing benefits according to the many old and recent researches:

Karaoke singing helps to burn calories and can serve as a great weight loss strategy.
Karaoke help to reduce the risk of heart diseases like stroke and hypertension
Karaoke is a good social support. It brings together different people of different backgrounds and interests together in a joyful expression
Karaoke helps you to express your emotions and feelings without the pressure of professionalism
Karaoke singing especially in groups serve as a great medicine against depression and it can be a great psychological support in difficult situations
Karaoke helps you to discover the hidden talent in you. In addition, it also helps to nurture that talent that would have been left unearthed
Karaoke is a way to lose some of your shyness and social awkwardness. It can be a great boost for self-esteem and self confidence
Karaoke improves family life and help us build healthy social relationships that can last for a very long time.

What then are you waiting for? Why don’t you join the incredible number of people that are enjoying these wonderful benefits from this sublime exercise? Whatever might be your fear and scare, Karaoke singing comes to the rescue.

“I can’t sing” you say. Yes, Crowd Karaoke™ was made exactly for people who cannot sing
“But I am not a social person”. If you wish, you can enjoy your Karaoke process alone at your homes. But remember there are excellent benefits of social singing rather than individualized singing
“What if I don’t like music”, you retort. Well, considering the amazing benefits of music as stated above, you should develop the love. Music is an extremely important part of life and you will do well to make it part of your life.

In today’s reality, after all, there are no excuses. Karaoke is a great singing system that will aid your overall health, help you to discover yourself and give you the huge benefit of self-expression. So, what are you waiting for? Everybody has their favorite songs, and now with Crowd Karaoke™ you can request and make these songs your favorite karaoke songs. Sing with all your energy, strength and sweetness and enter the exquisite life of Karaoke singing.