The Superstar Lip Sync Battle

Have you seen Spike’s Ultimate Lip Sync battle and thought to yourself, “that looks like fun!” or watched a lip sync contest from Jimmy Fallon and wondered how you would fare? With the Superstar Lip Sync Battle™, you don’t have to worry anymore. With your cruise ship’s staff, you and your party can have a real, live lip sync contest for your event hosted by the ship’s staff or DJ. Here are a few reasons you can’t go wrong with the Superstar Lip Sync Battle no matter what type of party or even you are throwing: Choose from Hit Songs in Multiple Genres

With the Superstar Lip Sync Battle, you aren’t stuck with a limited list that guests can choose from. With extensive musical knowledge, we offer a wide range of different popular tracks to choose from so guests can choose what they’re most comfortable with. Some of the genres to pick from include:

Today’s Top 40 Country Classics and show tunes Classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s And so much more…

Battle for The Superstar Trophy No competition is complete without a prize to fight for, which is why winners of the Superstar Lip Sync Battle will compete for the coveted Superstar Trophy. Having an actual trophy to compete for makes things a lot more interesting for everyone, and at the end of the night the best lip sync contestant (or group), will take home the prize. Everybody gets to get involved, not only with the lip sync, but also suggested prizes to make everybody feel like a Superstar event all the time. This is just another simple step to ensure your passengers teams have an event they will remember for the rest of their lives.

An exciting concept exclusively from Crowd Karaoke™ Having a great party begins with having a great set of things for your guests to do. With the Superstar Lip Sync Battle combined with our Crowd Karaoke, you are guaranteed to provide everyone with a fun, unique experiences that will bring your passengers back, time after time, always having a great time. .