Many people don’t realize that karaoke has become the fastest growing part of the music business, and
it’s really no surprise. Everybody loves karaoke for all the fun aspects with terrific health benefits too.
Very few people have years of experience working with karaoke than those with Crowd Karaoke™.
That’s why, in 2018, we are pleased to announce the next phase of karaoke, the all new Videokee©.

It seems that many people who want to sing karaoke lack the confidence of a lead vocals to harmonize
with. Karaoke, which means empty orchestra, is normally instrumental, with background vocals only.

Videokee© solves so many problems of singers, by providing the lead vocals, which are suppressed to a
lower level, but are still audible to the audience to harmonize with. This step also allows many people to
sing on key easier too.

You won’t find Videokee© on YouTube or in apps for your phone, ever. Crowd Karaoke® places a
priority on royalties to musical artists, and works hard to prevent pirating music and karaoke by only
being available to those companies and organizations who have agreements for performing rights in

Videokee© is a new, exciting way for an enhanced experience, where you can still follow the lyrics of
the song on the video screens, but now, you’ll have more confidence (and more fun), whether you sing lead or just want to sing along.